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Oct 31, 2014
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This evening we got a call from "Dish Network", my wife took the call. Asking if we had experienced any outages or connection problems lately. She said no, he said he would note that in our account, he hung up.
So...anyone else get a call like that? Don't know if it was real or fake, but never had a call from Dish in 18 years.


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Aug 14, 2014
I did once, they called saying they were nothing many hopper reboots. If was a real call a d they arranged to send tech out.

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Dec 18, 2012
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Your receiver can be calling the center if you have LOS issues. I received a call on vacation, because a wind storm blew a tree branch in front of the LNB. My receiver called the center and told it that I wasn't receiving service.
Exactly. I got this call while I was out of town & replied that in general, things were good but that I was a long time Dish customer and that the H3 seems more sensitive to rain fade. He said he'd like to set up a free appointment to check things out & did so. Tech came out & tweaked the install bumping my signal strength significantly - 15/20% depending on satellite & transponder. Honestly, I was impressed with the call & service being volunteered.


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Sep 8, 2003
I got the call last year, they said they had noticed that my signal strength was low. They sent out a free service call and noticed that my dish that they had installed was not grounded properly. They move the dish around above my electric meter and ran wiring aroung the base of the house and tweaked my signal and I was very impressed with the signal strength and best of all at no cost to me.

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Sep 7, 2003
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I got a call from Dish last year saying my signal strengths were low (I didn't realize that they were low). They sent out a tech who ended up replacing my 3 LNB dish with a 2 LNB dish at no cost. My signal strengths went up a lot. Yes, Dish does sometimes call their customers.

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