Software Updates for Dish Interactive


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Mar 1, 2005
Hey guys,

I just switched to dish a few months ago and I am pretty pleased with the results. I use a Replay 5040 with my 322 reciever without any problems between the two units when dealing with compatibility.

However I am having a problem accessing channel 100 for dish interactive. The system locks up when I try to access that channel on the 'loading' screen. I have to hold the power button to cycle the unit off and then back on. Nightly updates are set for 5 am because I record something at 3am. Software version listed is 196. A rep told me it should be 240? I asked him how to force it to update and he told me just to turn the unit off and it should update via phone line. I've turned the unit off nightly now because I'm wanting the software to update. Except it isn't happening. How can I force the unit to update the software?



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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO
E* receivers do NOT update via the phone line. Never have, never will.

L240 is the correct current level.

Try pulling the power plug for a minute, and crossing your fingers.


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Jun 5, 2004
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Your software may be old enough where it won't take the update. Check your update software screen and make sure it says without my permission. Then go to your signal strength screen and check transponder 19 and 20 on the 119. This is where the updates come from. Try turning off the receiver while highlighting transponder 19 and see what happens. Good luck.


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Aug 1, 2004

If you have your system software locked - you may want to turn off locks temporarily. Dish CSR had me do this recently when update failed - asked her why, since the locks didn't apply to the update - she said "Trust me - the software is buggy! This actually can help - don't ask me why."

She was right!

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