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Sep 8, 2003
I started to watch a movie that I had recorded on to my VCR when suddenly 10 minutes into the movie the update screen came on and the bouncing Logo started. As expected I couldn't finish my movie because I couldn't hit select on my video tape. My question is, how can I stop this. I know there is a way to set-up the time it occurs but is there a way to set-up the day you want this to happen? Or, do I have to disable the updates and do it a night when I know I am not going to record something? Thanks


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Apr 9, 2006
Go ahead and disable the updates feature if you will be doing VCR dubbing. Just make certain to power off (put into stand-by mode) your receiver when not in use, and it will continue to receive all necessary software updates. I believe the new "Daily Updates" feature was designed for the legions of Dish subs who choose to always--and I mean never put it into stand-by--leave their box powerd-up, and those people often don't get the important software downloaded. This bad habit goes back as a solution to the old legacy boxes. And I still hear of installers who still tell the new subs to "Just always leave your box on, and don't turn it off. It works better that way." NOT. True for the Legacy boxes, but not for all the newer models.

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