Some issues with the website (mobile)

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Dec 31, 2006
The login button is barely visible on the mobile style. You cannot see it at all. Its white.
I am on iOS 10.3 (latest)

Also last night I was trying to create a thread on my iPhone but it wouldn't work, I am not sure if the website was having maintenance issues or what, but I was able to reply to other threads. its strange. Basically the loading bar was just loading after typing the whole thing and when I clicked submit it just was stuck there in the loading screen. I tried both on safari and Chrome browser on my iOS device.
Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about as far as the login goes.


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The login is exactly the same on my Android phone, you can barely see it.

I was having trouble creating a thread last night too, but I tried again today and it worked fine. It was telling me I needed to be logged in, even though I was logged in.
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