Some tips about getting good 811 performance


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Dec 11, 2003
Las Cruces, NM
I base this on my experiances and is really nothing earth shaking. The old saying that good setup makes for good performance is true.

1. Make sure the unit gets enough air flow to keep the electronics cool. The 811 seems to be more sensative than the other receivers I've had. (You have to convince the wife not cover it with a cute doiley and put a vase of fake flowers on top of it. ) Don't set it on or under other components that generate heat.

2. Signal strength is 99% of the setup.Goes for either Sat or OTA. The stronger the signal, the more reliable the receiver gets. Re-aim the Dish you if need to, it's easy with the meter that's in the point receiver menu. (Just make small movements of the antenna!)

3. Cabling. Use good cables. You don't have to buy $100 Monster cables but make sure your cables are good. I've found a new one that went bad in a short span of time.

4. Don't rely on the installer making everything right. Mine acted like he was in a race to get in and get out. Go back and make sure he connected everything correctly. (Mine put one of the RCA audio plugs in the video output and kept telling me I had a problem with my set!)

5. Make sure your TV is set up correctly to get the optimum output. Some are smart and others require tweeking.

The first couple of days I had the 811 and was playing around and adjusting different things, I lost sound, picture, it froze and even lost the 110 satellite. I was getting the ol' "how much did we pay for this piece of junk" from the wife. Now that I've got it setup properly, it has been virtually trouble free and we are very pleased. Even watched George W. in HD last night.

I know these things sound like no brainers, but having worked with computers and electronic stuff for several years, it never ceases to amaze me what some people will do with setups. (or lack of)

The only problem I have now, and I noticed it this morning, is the guide is "confused". I was watching the Weather Channel and it showed I was tuned into the Weather Channel but was telling me I was watching a movie called Rapid something. I assume this is a software fix that will be forth coming.

Hope this helps.
I must comment that you have good tips, but not all 811's act the same. I have had three now. #1 had the normal bugs, sound cut out, lockup, and after watching OTA for a while, hitting guide would cause them to seek signal and never come back, even if you wait 30 minutes. The DVI out on both were not right. One 811 suffered from dark picture problems, one didn't.

The JVC BOX, which I obtained last week, wether they are made by same company or not is much more stable, and the DVI is good, picture is awesome.
Except for the Joke ESPNHD, do they ever do HD?

Whoever is building these, is there a major quality issue ?

I have near or over 100 percent siganl on both 119 and 110 and 85-89 percent on OTA Digital
Maybe we should get a thread going to identify where each person's 811 was manufactored. That way, maybe we could pin point a bad manufactorer and confront Dish with it. I'll check mine when I get home.