Sony RM-AV3000 and Dish 921 Receiver


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Jan 4, 2004
I've had the model 4000 and 5000 receivers for years and have never been able to use my Sony RM-AV3000 remote because these units only work with UHF signals. Now that I've ordered a 921 (not here yet), I wanted to finally use one remote control for everything--only to to learn that the remote I will receive only broadcasts UHF signals to the 921!!

I've checked, etc. for help, but since my RM-AV3000 can't interface to my computer (it is a learning remote), I am at a loss. I've thought about trying to buy or borrow a 721 remote to train mine, but now I've learned that there is no HD/SD button on the 721 (which makes sense!).

Anyone with any ideas?

I have the DISH 811 and it's remote controls my SONY Grand Wega LCD TV just fine. If you have the platinum remote it should have both UHG and infra red capability to control other electronics.

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