Sort Out DVR Recordings by Episode


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Sep 28, 2007
Fontana, CA
I have about 100 recordings of "The Three Stooges" but some are repeats. When I set the timer I set it to record all episodes. I had no idea that it would even record the one's that I already have. Is there an easy way to put the recordings in order and then delete the one's that have duplicates? Is there a different setting to record the episodes that I do not have, but not record the one's that I already have?


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Dec 5, 2006
I'm not sure of the answer but I don't think that's possible.

I hope that somebody proves me wrong though!


Jul 23, 2007
Brownsville, Tn
I may be incorrect but I was under the impression that "new" episodes meant episodes that were not already recorded to the DVR.
Never mind; if you have 100 previously recorded you must be using an EHD!


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Sep 5, 2008
Go through the whole list and write down the episode and then just delete the ones that you already have on the list. Then you'll only have one copy of the list.

It's been my experience that if the episode number is unique that it won't record that same episode # you alread have recorded. I have 33 episodes of Shaun the Sheep and it no longer finds new unique episode numbers. Occasionally if the airing has no episode number it will record it and then it ends up being the same named episode that I already have.


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
Some of my shows have dropped the episode numbers, original dates, and descriptions making it really hard to know which are not in the collection. A current example is Monte Python Flying Circus on IFC, with 5 or more showings each week--usually one is new. I agree an Episode or Original Date sort would sure help although not if they don't give the number or date anymore. Then it would be easy to view in order.

I would love the ability to manually enter a subtitle and sort on it, too. Even 14 characters would help--even 4. Changing the main title means they will not be grouped on the EHD and it only allows an initial capital, so you cannot revert to the original title. The EHD has no manual Group function unlike the internal. My problem is with 30 to 72 episodes of some series, so far.

While I'm at it, my wish list includes cutting off the end (and possibly the beginning) of recordings to allow a minimal editing, especially of showings with runout promos since editing the timers does not hold after a reset, i.e., it must be done that day and does not work for Dish Pass usually.



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Apr 9, 2006
Still, the DVR is NOT supposed to record an event if it exists in the DVR, and most of the time it works as it should, but I have came across many instances when my DVR records episodes already on my DVR, and the guide info is exactly the same with all relevant data present, but it still will record every instance of that very same episode. I would say this "bug" occurs about 40% of the time and I get tired of having to clean up my events list. In fact, after I select "New" episodes, I immediately go to my events list and find I have to cancel the same day repeat of that episode and subsequent repeats for the coming week. Could you fix this Dish?

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