Sound Output with TOSLink issue with 811


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Nov 7, 2003
Here is my set up: I have the 811 running through fiber (TOSLink) to my Sony A/V Receiver. I have a fiber and coax input under DVD/LD on my A/V Receiver. I have my DVD player hooked up with coax to my A/V Receiver. When I had the 510 and 6000 hooked up to it as long as my DVD player wasn't on the sound would be fine. Visa Versa when the DVD player was on and the Sat receiver was off the sound from the DVD player was fine. For some reason with the 811, it will not release the sound output even when turned off. I mean, there is no sound, but my A/V receiver will not switch from Opt to Coax like it did with the 6000 and 510. The only work around is to unplug the fiber cable from the 811. DISH Tech support (actually advanced tech support) had no clue (as usual) and thought the 811 was bad. They are sending a tech out for Sat the 13th. Already not happy about the other issues with the 811 and now this. Has anyone else had any issues like this?
Look at the end of the cable when you unplug it from your receiver, if the output from the 811 is on, you should see a red light (TOSlink uses visible red light). I would hope the output would not be on when the 811 is off.
It is. DISH Tech support has it down as an uncommon problem. The Exec CSR is the one I spoke with.

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