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May 13, 2004
Rachel McAdams Walked Away From 'Southpaw' With Pink Boxing Gloves, Love for Jake Gyllenhaal & Bedhead
Audiences are buzzing about Jake Gyllenhaal’s transformation—both physical and emotional—into heavyweight champion Billy Hope in the upcoming film Southpaw. The actor put on 15 pounds of muscle, as well as a dozen tattoos and a serious snarl, but he wasn’t the only one to hop into the ring while prepping for his role. Rachel McAdams, who plays Hope’s loyal wife, Maureen, took plenty of turns sparring with professional boxing trainer, Terry Claybon. She liked boxing so much, in fact, that The Notebook actress walked away from the set with her own pink boxing gloves, and has used the sport to prep for future projects, such as her current role of angsty police woman Ani Bezzerides in HBO’s True Detective.Yahoo Style caught up with McAdams while she rolled through Los Angeles to promote Southpaw, which hits theaters on July 24. She told us all about the secret to rolling around in fake blood on screen, being shocked by Gyllenhaal’s hot body transformation, and how after months of training, she can now last three minutes in

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