Sox trying to dump Manny

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Sep 8, 2003
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Attention George Steinbrenner, Manny Ramirez is yours if you want him.
According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox put Ramirez on irrevocable waivers yesterday, which means any team willing to pay Ramirez the $100 million left on his five-year deal can have him as long as they claim him before midnight tomorrow.

Irrevocable waivers mean the Red Sox can't pull him back if any team claims him. If no one claims him, he returns to the Sox, who would surely try to trade him before next season begins.

Ramirez, from Washington Heights, hit .325 this year with 37 homers and 104 RBI. But he's a defensive liability in left, and certainly didn't help his status when he missed a crucial series against the Yankees in Boston due to illness and was then spotted socializing with the Yanks' Enrique Wilson.

Grady Little - the Sox manager who was fired Monday - eventually benched Ramirez.

The Red Sox are also trying to free up some cash with Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra nearing the end of their deals.

Originally published on October 30, 2003
I wonder if the Yankees are giving this serious thought...

I seriously doubt he goes anywhere though. $20 million was a very foolish amount of money to pay him. Yes he's a great hitter but he's not a franchise player in the sense that the more you get to know him the less you want to know him.

True franchise players need a marketable personality to go along with the great play.
The Yankees have indicated that they have no interest in him. Good thing since he is reported to be poison in the clubhouse and is not a team player. Why else would the Bosox want to dump him?
Not too many teams can afford him so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Maybe the Mets will pick him up and then he'll hit .245, lose his power and fight with the media and his teamates, hehehe
Yankees wouldn't do it for fear it would allow the Bean-heads to free up like 21 million to go after other players or pay more $$ to some of the ones they have now! :twisted:
Please why would anyone take him?

Putting anyone on waivers is like saying you don't want anything in return. All any team has to do is wait till he goes though waivers and then deal with Boston directly and get them to take som salary. He is a product of the late 90's and teams don't have this kind of money to spend on players. He'll end up somewhere with at least 3 teams paying his salary. (Boston, the team he goes to, and another team which sends players in the deal). Any deal for him will include 3 teams and about 4-6 players. Its the only way to get this to work.
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