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Mar 15, 2005
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Their ground antenna is a phased array! I worry about the cost.

People only care about the on-going monthly cost. IF it's cheaper than the present Robber Baron cable conglomerates, it'll do well. It'll stop the exclusivity of only a single coax-wired company in an area. People will be happy to move, and screw over the old guys, like they've been doing to us for years...


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Sep 7, 2003
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We need the competition. I think they could offer triple play offerings and compete with cable everywhere. This type of service is a game changer in my opinion. They could even request funding for internet grants in rural areas possibly. Cellular Phone reception can be picked up in rural areas where cell phones don’t currently without lots of towers required.

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Dec 8, 2007
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This is a big deal.
The lower orbits will decay in about 5 years so there will be less space clutter but, conversely need to be replaced as they deorbit.

The SpaceX competitors were fighting FCC approval lowering the orbits in an attempt to disrupt SpaceX entry into the business so approval gives them the green light to move from test to commercial operations.

And, the lower orbit will get the latency down to 15 milliseconds -- I used to try using Voip with the geostationary satellites and gave up. You ended up talking over each other .

FCC OKs lower orbit for some Starlink satellites -
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