Spaze Millenium 1.1 AZbox ME


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Oct 24, 2010
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Posted 15 March 2012 - 17:22
Spaze Millenium 1.1 AZbox ME
- Last kernel 2.6.22.
- Last Drivers.
- Added BlindScan
- Wifi fix.
- Updated spzDownloads.
- Added plugin Cronmanager.
- Added new timesleep.
- Added fix on recordings with AZbox not premium+.
- Added plugin spzWeather.
- Added plugin spzRSS.
- Added plugin spzZapHistory.
- Added plugin spzVirtualKeyboard.
- Added plugin AZFrontPanel.
- Added EPG Freesat.
- Fix .ts files on MediaCenter.
- Fix MediaCenter finishing videos.
- Fix MediaCenter deleting files without permissions.
- Other corrections on Skin y E2.
- Fix bug in spzIMDB
- Fix bug in NetworkBrowser

IMPORTANT: For your own safety, we strongly recomend to change the default password on your AZbox and don´t open ports in your router if this is not necesary.
Also, we recomend use https protocol in Web Interface.


Download Spaze Millenium 1.1: http://www.spazeteam...ownloads/?did=7
Things are really getting interesting with all these releases for AzBox Me. I noticed they added blind scan for this release. How good is the blind scan for those that have AzBox Me and have tried it?

There are slight differences in your update list and what they have posted on Spaze website here. You mentioned Wifi fix and blind scan added, but those are not listed on the download website. Have you tried this update yourself and were those issues, I mentioned above resolved??
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Just noticed Blind Scan in the Manual Scan section, but haven't tried it yet.

........did a a quick test, and found the Blind scan performed extremely very poorly. But I like the interface very much and remote control buttons work, unlike RTI E2.

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