Still to come this weekend on America's Biggest Little Radio Station...

Discussion in 'WION' started by radio, Jan 13, 2018.


    Saturday at 6PM: Barry Scott's Lost 45's from 6-9 PM. Guest Host is Eddie Levert Sr. of the O'Jays.

    Sunday at 8 AM: Pastor Ken Harger's Message from the Lighthouse is, "We Pause in Our New Year to Remember Those of Years Gone By"

    Sunday from 9-11 AM: Retro Stars, the 80's Show with your host Dave Stewart

    Sunday at 3PM: Randy Edwards takes us back in time on "Edwards' Archives" to January 13, 1967!

    Sunday at 8 PM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas bring us the episode, "The Mirror."

    Join us for all this, and great music in AM STEREO ONLINE 24/7. We're on almost EVERY DEVICE these days! Let us know where and HOW you listen!

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  2. I love to go on a road trip during the summer and visit Radio and the station
  3. I thought I might get WION thru Alexa, but no joy. That would have been too easy.
  4. You can just say Alexa play I fourteen thirty from tune in.
  5. Well, I got something. Not sure it’s what I wanted.

    That’s “I” not “1” right? Eye not one.

    “1” gets some University Radio. HARSH. So I guess I answered my own question.
  6. Scroll up and look at the station logo,it's I-1430,for Ionia.
  7. “Alexa, scroll up...”
    “I have no display to scroll.”
  8. Sorry,I only yell at computers,never talk to them,or want them to talk to me :biggrin
  9. I’m getting a totally different 1430 station.
  10. Fiddling around, I finally got it, with some variant of asking for WION. It then gave me an error message about not being able to connect, but seems to be playing fine.

    Of course, out of a Dot.......
  11. Alexa works just fine...but please your voice training with your app first!
    Some people get it with a clear "WION" but..if you "dubba you" or don't speak clearly she can't tell what you want.
    Many folks use, "I-1430" or "America's biggest little radio station." I like that one. Hard to get it wrong.
    We're definitely there, ready to play for you, and on google home devices, too. You'll have to find the unique voice/dialect combination to do it best.

    We COULD pay big bucks for a "skill" for less error, but in all honesty, I think a few tries will be worth the listeners' effort...then it's easy after that!

    Let me/us know how it goes with different phrases tried.
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