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Jan 7, 2008
I hope it's OK to post this but I started a little family friendly blog just to kill time that some of my readers say I should promote more. It is a chronicle of sorts about my experiences with 3 cats that started hanging out by my door and their interrelations with the world.

Blackie The Wise

Yea, it's a little corny. :)

Yea it's a little silly at times too. But hopefully it's a tale that will continue to be something that could be read to kids, or so I'm told.

So have at it. And don't be afraid to post comments or suggestions! I set it up so that if you don't want to register with Google Blogger or an Open ID site you can comment anonymously, but since this is a kids safe effort I just have to approve the comments before they get posted.

Just a little reminder that the blog shows the last post first, so you'll want to start from the bottom up.

Hope you enjoy it!
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