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Jul 1, 2008
Not sure what is going on here but if I follow menus 6+1+3 and after completing status check go to details. I see Transponder readings for Sats 110, 119, 129 (Western Arc). At one time I was on WA, but have since been moved to EA. I have tried removing feed to the 722 and running check switch and save to clear anything previous then reconnect feed and rerun check switch. Same results. Seems this 722 does not want to forget that it was at one time WA. Now if I go to point dish and pick a SAT and TP I will see a reading and also in the status screen of menu 6+1+3 it does show the correct Sats. Only in the details screen does it not show correctly. Oh and all TPs for Sats 110, 119, 129 in the details screen show 0. So that much is correct since it is not looking at those sats.

I know this may seem trivial to some but to me it's annoying. This is the quickest way to get an overview of what signals strengths look like across the board and if all is working well should update daily. Current SW is L722. Any help is appreciated.


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Jan 4, 2007
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I think this incomplete conversion to EA in some places has remained since their was an EA. You will also note no Point Dish option for either a 1000.2 or 1000.4 for no apparent reason but laziness.

On the other hand, fixing this problem is rather low on my list of bug fixes on my 722/L722 receiver. The disappearing BBMP rentals is #1 for me, while (I suspect) for others #1 is the Internet connectivity problem. IIRC those problems have been going on since L762.


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Jul 2, 2010
Let's not forget the slow guide and the 1000-recording EHD limit as well.

Yes, it is completely "normal" for the "details" screen to list 110/119/129, TPs 14,15,16 & 21. Those aren't even the correct TPs for 129.

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