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Oct 5, 2006
We just got an HD set. A friend was moving to NYC and needed to sell his Philips 46 HD rear projector - it does not have an HD tuner, but the deal was too sweet to pass on.

I am interested in Dish and Direct, but wonder which is best for HD. My locals are not available on dish in HD, but are on Direct (so they say). I am trying to figure in start up fees for equipment (dish seems to be best here with a "free" HD tuner and dual room dvr) and then pricing after the promo periods end. Any adivce from you experts is appreciated.

I may also try to find a used direct hd tuner to go with an antenna. From what i understand, this will allow me to pull in hd locals without subscribing to direct. All I would miss on is the on screen guide.

Any advice on this is appreciated. I really enjoy looking thru this forum.:)
If you talk to Dish retention just prior to your initial promo period ending, Dish will renew that pricing with a minimal price increase with a two year term contract for service. I’ve done this 6 times only increasing my bill by $1 a month on each renewal.


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Hey, I had a 57" Hitachi RPCRT up until about 2 years ago. Internal tuner died, component inputs died, but the HDMI port was still working when I gave it away.
Nice. Now that I've hearkened, mine was a mid-90s piece that was standard def 4:3 composite all the way. No HDMI there! Must-see TV on the big unit. It might have been the 50UX10B from 1993. I guess we donated it because I don't remember being involved in moving it again.

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