Streaming question about Pluto TV

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  1. No matter what device I use, laptop, Roku or smart tv, it seems like when I stream usually the music, it stops suddenly for some reason. Tonight that was fine but I tried to stream a movie and it wouldn't load. All devices are ethernet connected except Roku. I consistently get over 100Mbps down. Does anybody else experience this or know how to fix? I have the app on my laptop & smart tv, and of course the Roku app. Also, no other shows would load on Pluto tonight. All other apps working fine. Any ideas? Thanks. Andy
  3. The only channel I have had an issue with on Pluto is their weather channel. Other than that, no buffering issues on my Apple TV
  4. Power down BOTH your modem and router, leave them down at least two minutes. Then power up JUST the modem. Once it's up all the way, then power up your router. Once it's all up and you can get back out to the internet on your pc, check Pluto Tv again and see if it's working better.
  5. Ok I get the powering down modem. It's a gateway so router is built-in. Does that make a difference? Thanks
  6. If it's a combo device, then you only need to power cycle that. I'd pull the power cord and wait a couple minutes before plugging it back in.
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  7. Ok. Will definitely give it a try. Any idea why it only seems to affect Pluto TV like that?
  8. Nope, but hopefully the power cycle will help. If so, but it reoccurs eventually, you will need to try to figure out any patterns that might be involved that could cause it.
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  9. Have noticed when I use ethernet connection it works fine. And a pattern was the music going out. Checked ALL channels and they worked flawlessly even just on Wi-Fi. Something to do with music channels & my Wi-Fi. But I now have my new Roku Premiere +, laptop and smart tv conncected to ethernet. Loads instantly & works great. Love their on demand movies.
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