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Mar 30, 2006
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Well, I had an almost prefectly working VIP- 622, the HDMI never worked. I used with components for almost 2 years, then I decided that I wanted an unit with HDMI. Because I had my problem documented with Dish, supossedly waiting for an software update fix that never ocurred(yes it was a hardware problem) they send me a replacement. That one only worked for a couple of days, then it went into a never ending rebooting loop right after it acquired the sat signal. They send another unit and after a lot of hassle I got the $25 UPS delivery fee waived(I live in Puerto Rico). Well the 2nd replacement is noo better, this unit has to be mannually rebooted at least 3 times a day. It just looses the video, you can see both tuners light turn off and then back on while the video is out and then returning. The audio stay there all the time and the problem is that manytimes the video won't come back, so a manual reboot is the only way to fix it.

If I'm recording the event, the video will never be disrupted. First I tought of a handshake issue with the HDMI but it happens too with component and as I stated both tuners light will go off when this happens.

Another replacement? Last time it took me over half an hour to get the shipping charge waived.:mad:
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