suggestions for best way to setup an HD-tv? (1 Viewer)

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Mar 8, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
I dont remember the exact model # - it's a samsung LCD (not LED) 240hz 46 inch tv that i picked up a bestbuy july of 2009

One thing i noticed is that when we're playing a game on the PS3 on the tv, there can be some tearing on the screen. Wondering if there's any way to compensate for that?

And in general just wondering if there's any general tips for tweaking an HD tv to get the best display. I'll post the specific model # when i get home.

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Sep 29, 2003
Sheboygan, WI
Here is a website that helps tweak your TV. Sorry, I cannot answer your other question.

Tweak My TV to get the most accurate calibration settings for my HDTV, only at*-*TweakTV

I wasn't overly impressed with this site. Too much misinformation and widely varying opinions.

I think you get a better overall answer by checking out the thread for your specific model over at AVS Forums. If the set has been around for awhile, there will be service menu settings that will do a good job of tweaking the set. In addition, there will be a discussion of the whys and hows that is generally good reading.

The downside there is that the group can sometimes be snobbish, and you need to wade through hundreds of posts to get the info you want. (Hint: start at the end and work backwards.)
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