Sunday's (6/18/06) MLB TV Schedule (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 25, 2004
Bold = C/Ku band feeds
Green = Superstation feeds
Blue = Possible Extra Innings (little dish) feeds
Purple = HD telecast

1:05pm ET
Blue Jays (Rogers Preview) at Marlins (Sun Sports & EI D737 E628)
Yankees (YES) at Nationals (WDCA-20, MidAtlantic Sports Net & EI D738) & D HD 95
1:10pm ET
Orioles (CSN MidAtlantic, FSN South-North Carolina & EI D734 E625) at Mets (Superstation WPIX-11, WNGS-67)
1:15pm ET
White Sox (CSN Chicago) at Reds (FSN Cincinnati & EI D736 E627)

1:35pm ET
Devil Rays (FSN Florida & EI D740 E630) at Phillies (WPSG-57)
Twins (WFTC-29, FSN North Simulcast) at Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh & EI D739 E629)

2:05pm ET
Royals (KMCI-38, KWBM-31) at Astros (FSN Houston & EI D742 E633)
Indians (Sports Time Ohio & EI D741 E631) at Brewers (No TV)
Diamondbacks (KTVK-3) at Rangers (KDFI-27, KYPX-49)

2:15pm ET
Rockies (KTVD-20) at Cardinals (KPLR-11, KFDF-10, KWBF-42)
2:20pm ET
Tigers (FSN Detroit & EI D743) at Cubs (WGN-9, Superstation WGN & EI E632)

3:35pm ET
Padres (Ch. 4 Padres) at Angels (KCOP-13)

4:05pm ET
Dodgers (KCAL-9) at Athletics (KICU-Action 36)
Giants (FSN Bay Area) at Mariners (KSTW-11, FSN Northwest-Oregon & EI D???? E634)

8:05pm ET
Red Sox at Braves & ESPN HD & Rogers Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, Pacific & HD
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SatelliteGuys Family
Mar 5, 2005
Thanks Mike, used to seeing this on DBSForums. That forum seems to be down and whether it is down permanently I don't know.
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