UFL (United Football League) Spring 2024 Schedule

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The United Football League (UFL) is a professional American football minor league scheduled to start play in March 2024. The league was created following the merger of the latest incarnations of the XFL and United States Football League (USFL). It consists of eight teams, all of whom were members of the XFL or USFL prior to the UFL's creation, concentrated in the Midwest and Southern United States

Here is the full league schedule along with TV info:

Kicks off Saturday March 30th

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Kicks off this weekend ...

I tuned in to see what the NFL Kick Off was going to look like .... and found that the New League, isn't doing like the XFL and the NFL will be doing ... that was disappointing.
I watched the end of the 2nd game, and what a finish! Last minute TD, then a 64 yard game winning field goal. Pretty entertaining - at least the last 30 minutes were! I thought it was a great first day for the UFL.

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