2024 NBA Post Season


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Apr 7, 2006
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This is far worse than even I thought.

The massive free throw gap basically encapsulates how each team has been impacted by the charity stripe in the 2024 postseason.
“The Celtics have the highest free throw differential (+93) this playoffs,” StatMuse posted. “The Pacers have the lowest free throw differential (-100) this playoffs.”

The Pacers won't have a chance if the Celtic's keep getting 20 more free throws a game. see a pattern here ?
they got 30 more on my Cavs in 5 games.
It's not like the Celtics don't play hard on defense. ridiculous.
Al Horford should be fouling out in 15 minutes the way he's been playing. but if the Ref's don't call them the more they foul.

Bill Walton R.I.P.

NFL 2024-2025 Season

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