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The Super Diagnostics feature is available on some DISH 301 receivers.

Any DISH 301 receiver with Software Version 2.02 (only) will now include
Super Diagnostics.

Super Diagnostics is a NEW software feature that allows faster access to
Important System Information, customer Preferences and Hardware Information. It will be added to our newer receivers starting with the 301.

Super Diagnostics offers EASY TO ACCESS System Info screens.

SYSTEM INFO ONE - Customer Service Information, with addt'l details:
Offers a simple Signal Test display, Signal Loss data, Dial Out data, System Info (R00#, S00#, software version), Installation Info and Remote Address.

SYSTEM INFO TWO - Preferences: Offers status or confirmation of customer
settings for Caller ID, System Lock, Alternate Audio, Guide Display, Phone System Setup, Dolby Digital output, VCR code for event timer support, Channel Order and System Upgrades.

SYSTEM INFO THREE - Hardware Information: Offers Smartcard DNASP
version, Location ID, Hardware ID, Bootstrap, Last Connect (to update Smartcard records), and contact information for Billing, Programming and Technical Assistance.

How To Access Super Diagnostics...
Press the MENU button then MENU button again on the remote control to
enter Super Diagnostics.
Within Super Diagnostics, you can use Single Button Navigation to move
through the different menu screens:

Menu - Menu ====== System Info 1 (Customer Service Info)
Menu - Menu - 2 == System Info 2 (Preferences)
Menu - Menu - 3 == System Info 3 (Hardware Info)
Menu - Menu - 4 == System Info 1 (Details screen)
Menu - Menu - 5 == Locks menu
Menu - Menu - 6 == Purchase History screen
Menu - Menu - 7 == Diagnostics screen

Sounds Interesting!
I remember when the PrimeStar receivers had signal loss data built into them.

Will the signal loss data be given for every satellite that is connected to the receiver? Will it give the time of day that the signal is lost and how long the signal was lost? Doing these things could help determine such issues as people having issues with the 105 satellite to see if there are patterns.
Yeah, the Super Diagnostics looks cool and all, but more importantly, they updated the copyright date! Yay!

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