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Nov 10, 2003
Saginaw, TX
I am tentively setup for an install on Sat for the Superdish with the 811/522 dhp plan. I told them I would be fine with a 2 satellite setup so I could get HBOHD. They checked and said I needed to wait for the Superdish, and they were supposed to get them in the wharehouse on Friday. Has anyone else had a Superdish installed in the D/FW area?
Dallas Ft Worth

You wont need to wait for SuperDish. All HD is on 110 & either 61.5 or 148..

The only areas that got SuperDish were areas where the locals are on SD
Dallas locals are on 110 and 5 are on 148 so DISH will install the second dish free. All you will need is the basic DISH 500 install with Dish Network Service Corporation coming out later to add the 148 satellite dish.
No 522 available yet

Well now they call me back and say they can't get a 522 yet. Guess I could go with a 508 and go without the extra tuner since I plan on buying the 921 when it has been out for a while.

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