SuperDish Spied in testing!!!


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Sep 8, 2003
I saw a superdish today while driving around here in CO. I noticed it had only the 105 LNB. Attached is a picture. I will try to get better pictures later.
It's hard to tell that is a SuperDish, most of the units in the field are now full SuperDISH's complete with all 3 LNB's.

If we could see the front it would be easier to tell. I would not be suprised if this Dish is getting INternational off pf a KU satellite.

I know a few folks who have SuperDISH's (and are enjoying Channel 7000 im sure) :)

The SuperDISH is real, the units being shipped are full boxes and they are not beta units. What is being shipped to the testers now is what the end user will get in the field.

If anyone else spots on be sure to take a picture though. :)
It depends on if you have a type 1 or type 2 SuperDISH, a type two is a few inches bigger then a type 1.

I don't have the specs in front of me at the moment.
Dustin said:
I saw a superdish today while driving around here in CO. I noticed it had only the 105 LNB. Attached is a picture. I will try to get better pictures later.

Looks like a DirecPC dish/lnb with a DBS lnb tacked on, note the DirecPC lnb is not hooked up.
Hi all, It only appeared to have the 105 lnb. It was set on a deck with a bungee cord, and the coax looked to be running through the back door. It was surely 36", and not 26". I will try to get a better shot from over the opposite fence, or go covert and get close up's with measurements.
Scott, if the hardware is ready and Dish is uplinking the channels on 105 then what's the hold up???
Reality wise it is probably due to the fact all the real new programming won't be on 105 until December.

At the moment for most people SuperDISH would be a Disapointment as you are losing channels you once got before (such as all the HD Channels) plus you lose the Public Interest Channels 61.5 offered.

When the SuperDISH has worthwhile programming on it, then it will be worth upgrading to.

I do believe we will see some of that Worthwhile programming announced soon.
I have seen a few of the dishes that look that that in my area. I believe that they are for some KU band service (music?).

The PrimeStar dishes also look something like the SuperDish and it is suprising how many are still mounted on people's houses.
Scott, I thought that other than new locals, Superdish was to allow us to be able to get HD.

While I understand some channels would go to 105 eventually, what channels would we lose If we were to go to Superdish right away? And why? It wouldn't be a big deal for me if it was just international channels or something like that.

I'm also curious as to what dish I'd need in Southwest Wisconsin. Type 1 or 2. Maybe you have to take what you get.
Yes RJS what you say is true. But at this time the only thing receivable by anyone with a SuperDISH or people working to get a signal on 105 (ie Claudes Poormans SuperDish) will only get channel 7000 (The welcome to SuperDISH screen) while the HD channels from 61.5 and 148 may be there they have not been made available to the public yet.

The Channels you lose if you upgrade from 148 or 61.5 to SuperDish (Not including internationals or extra locals) are as follows.

Good Samaritan Network
Educating Everyone
Health TV
Panhandle Area Ed. Consortium

We should remember that the SuperDISH is not available publiclly yet so the lack of channels available to those with Mock SuperDish's should not surprise anyone.
That could have been a StarBand dish that is used for two way internet service but after taking a closer look at the picture it seems as if it does not have the transmitter to transmit the data to the satellite so it may be a dish that someone has rigged up to pick up certain stations. It also appears that there is only one wire coming from the dish that is from the lnbf.

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