Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

I would never make it on this show, if someone told me to dump my bag, my pockets, or sit around camp all day I'd tell them go f--- themselves, lol. I can't believe anyone else did it.
Don't like Wendell. I would rather see Boston Rob win than him. C'mon Sandra. Play the game you signed up for.

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Honestly I don't blame Sandra. She is terrible at challenges. There is very little chance that she could get back in the game. Even if she did I don't see enough jury members voting for her.
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Last season? Or one before?
Redemtion island returner won?
Or almost won?
Because he had been voted out as part of a collective threat,
And upon return was no longer seen as part of a collective threat, as the rest of the collective was gone...

Rob should just keep low profile and make his case as a back from edge old schooler who learned to change with the game.

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