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Aug 22, 2004
We are using ordinary DTV LNBs to get Dish Network on 119W. I hear we can only use the SW21 and SW64 switches, and not the DP34 and others. Can someone tell me why that is. I also understand we can not use the ordinary DISH PRO LNB.

Lastly, should we use the SW64 with or without the power inverter. When can we use the one without the power.


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Aug 19, 2004
The answer is that the Direct Tv LNB's are compatible with LEGACY Dish network switches. THe Dish Pro LNB's use something called stacking, I think, and are not compatible with the LEGACY LNBS. Also you can use the power inserter, because the SW64 won't work without it. The SW64 is a legacy switch, and the DP34 is a Dish Pro switch.


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Jun 5, 2004
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D* and legacy E* LNBs are voltage switched. A 13V charge gets the odd trans and an 18V charge gets the evens. DP uses 1 voltage of 19.6V, and it "stacks" the odds to the 1650-2150Mhz range and reverse them, So, if you hook a D* LNB to a DP system, the LNB will send the evens back in the band that the switch is expecting the odds to be in. You CAN use a Dual FSS LNB with a DP system as long as it is not voltage switched or it you can skew the LNB 90 degrees out. The old P* LNBs that were duals CAN be used by the DP switches, BUT you will ONLY see the odds. The evens will NOT be available. As for the SW64, it REQUIRES the power inserter(not inverter).

Last thing: You CANNOT use the D* Sat C LNB with ANY E* equipment. The Sat C puts the 110
s transponders 28/30/32 down to the 8/10/12 range. IF used with an E* system, you will ONLY see the 8/10/12 on the 110.


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Feb 29, 2004
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direclinks said:
Fantastic response. Thanks a million.
And also 100% correct. ;)

the power inserter IS required for the SW64, and DishPro DOES use band-stacking (odd transponders on 950-1450MHz, even ones on 1650-2150MHz). DishProPlus does stacking, too - but more flexibly - any transponder set on either band of the cable.