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Jul 15, 2022
Sapphire, NC
Hi everyone,
Confused on this live mode setting?? So we can be watching a network station like ABC and then we go to switch to like the Magnolia Channel and pop up thing says: your request can only be carried out in live mode" "switch to live mode now? So we hit yet and changes channels.
But we were watching Live tv, just changing channels, so confused on why that message keeps popping up?
Any help is appreciated.
Did anyone, at any time, happen to skip back a few seconds or hit pause? If so, then you are watching the show as it was buffered off the hard drive (actually, you watch every show off the hard drive, it first writes to the drive then plays it back from it). If the feed isn't current (e.g. not being buffered) then it's not called live mode.
I believe that is called "chase play". I have difficulty doing that for pauses or skipping back for less than 1min. It plays what I wanted to hear over again for a few seconds, and then jumps to live! This has been a bug forever.
Yes, I see that as well, more on the Joey's than on the Hopper itself. If I just skip back one time (20 secs) to just replay some dialog, the Hopper seems to be OK with it but the Joey's will jump back to live in about a minute. My guess, something with the protocol. I don't use the MOCA cables and have the Joey's direct Ethernet connected
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but the Joey's will jump back to live in about a minute.
If mine jumped to live after chase play for 1 minute, I would have no issue hearing the dialog somewhere within the 20 seconds I skipped back. But it never plays even 20 seconds before it skips to live and I miss the dialog again. And again. And again!
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