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May 20, 2010
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I have a ViP 722 DVR receiver. I currently have the receiver hooked up to my television in the living room as tv 1 and tv 2 is connected in the bedroom. I am planning on moving the receiver to the bedroom television to have HD in that room instead of the living room. What do I need to do to make it work? do i have to change anything on the dish itself or is it something as simple as just plugging in the cable that is in the bedroom where it was plugged in the living room. I really do not know anything about connecting these things. Sorry if I didnt explain myself correctly. Please let me know, i would really appreciate your help. Thank You.


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Feb 15, 2009
you can't just move the reciever and plug it in.there are a few things to consider if it is to work correctly. first of all: is it connected to to the wall with one cable or two (diplexors)? the cable going to your bedroom, is it rg-6 with high frequency connections?


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May 20, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Im not sure what kind of cables they are, but both of the rooms are connected to the same receiver. If i am recording something on tv 2 i cant change the channel or it will stop recording. on the back of the receiver in the living room they connected a cable coming from the dish and then there is a little antenna connected i think its for the remote control for the tv in the bedroom. then there is a separate cable going into the bedroom for that tv, but im not sure if the cable was split or how they did it.

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The receiver needs to be hooked up to the dish. You'll need to either extend the cable currently hooked up to SAT IN with a coupler or run a new one from the dish to the bedroom. It needs to be RG6, you can even get it at Walmart. THEN you could use the existing bedroom to living room cable to and connect it to the TV2 output and the TV in the living room. Hope this helps.


Hey, if the only reason you want to swap locations is because of the receiver recording to TV2, just go to RECORD PLUS and either disable that feature (it'll then use whichever tuner is not being used to record) or change the preferred record channel to TV1. To get to RECORD PLUS: MENU-8-5. Yer welcome.
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If you are not sure what types of cables you have or where they all go I would have an installer come out and help. That or a friend that knows a little more. I'd hate to see you mess up your service and not be able to watch TV until you get a tech there.

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