tectonic activity and your dish

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  1. Idle question,

    I live in Iowa where we effectively don't have any tectonic activity, so I'd like to ask, if you're living on the west coast,

    how often, if ever, do you have to re-align your dish because of tectonic activity?
  2. Had a 6.0 last week about 60 miles from here in the middle of the night. Woke everybody up but none of the satellite dishes were affected. :)
  3. I live very close to the San Andreas fault which hasn't moved since 1906. It is long past due and when it does, all bets are off. I pray that the house will still be standing. If it is, then the dish will probably not need to be realigned, but would suspect it might need to be turned a very small amount if I am on the west side of the fault when it moves.
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  4. You may have to sign up for Hawaii locals after the big one.
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  5. Do you really think Iowa will get a Hawaiian address?
  6. No, but watchout for the Yellowstone super volcano!
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  7. I wouldn't worry about anything else if that one blows. Time to quickly finish off your bucket list. Speaking of getting finished off.....
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  8. My bucket list has only one item in it.
    1. Live to be 80 yrs old. 10 days to go.
    My mom lived to age 93, but I wouldn't call the last few years for her as living.

    My wife is reading a book about the major events on this planet that killed off the current life forms.
    I don't think I'll read that book. I have too many things to worry about right now.
    Weeds to pull, tomatos to grow, hanging plants to water, and dinner to prepare.

    "Scatter, Adapt, and Remember" How humans will survive a mass extinction. by Annalee Newitz.

    As a very famous person said a long time ago and I"m sure you all remember:

    "What, me worry"

    (Did I get that quote right?)
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    Yes Alfred.
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  10. We're all just here for a visit. And the visit is always too short.
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