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Aug 2, 2009
Anyone know of a package or ala-carte with Telefutura? I've checked Skyvision, NPS, and 1 other (forgot name) ??:mad:
Don't think it's a package but can be found on DVB.

I tried to get it on AMC10 but either it's scrambled or my Pansat 300 can't handle the high symbol rate. shows it as PowerVu DVB. I don't have Ku at this time so I can't get it on Galaxy 18 Ku. Besides, according to, the Galaxy 18 feeds are provided by Equity Broadcasting which, as you probably know, is going out of business so it's probably not available there, anyway. :mad:
its still showing as in the clear on AMC10. I haven't been over there recently to verify but last I checked which was a month ago it was there
I just scanned the mux on AMC-10 All video is encrypted. Im getting audio on Telefutura Mountain.
Is there a OTA affiliate you can use? They are local OTA by me.

Nope. I live in a small town. We get 3 NETV (PBS) feeds, 1 ABC feed, 1 RTV feed, and 1 CBS feed. Nothing else nearby.
I guess if this stuff isn't available from BUD programmers or via FTA, I guess I'll have to spend the money for Dish Latino ( I didn't really say that, did I?). If I can't get it FTA or from a BUD package, I'll have to do that because the wife will be hounding me about it. She's pretty upset about not being able to see Betty tonight and if Univision goes bye-bye she might leave me. :eek:
What transponder is it on? if you know of any other feeds from other birds which have Hispanic programming please post them, by the way this being feeds how long are they on for?, am not to sure how the feeds work are they it on for couple hours and the it goes black or how does it work? could someone chime in to further explain.

Univison is on G17 91W also...KLUZ. Its a west coast feed but its there
just checked and you're right

dang...I'm 0 for 2 today

It's interesting that it's still available for Dish Network. I guess they're trying to force us into getting a pizza dish? :eek:
well not really

The one on AMC10 is a mountain tiume zone. The one on G3 went belly up when Equity did
Hey johnny, you're missing betty la fea man!!! hehehe I love that soap opera!!! it's so darn funny!!! :D I'm watching it OTA since 123W blacked out. :mad:
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