Temporary Fix for Dish 811 Channel 1.1 Mapping Problem


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Jan 26, 2004
OK, I live in the Milwaukee area, and our local CBS affiliate (channel 58) has decided that they really should be channel 1. For anyone with an 811, this means that you can’t get their signal since Dish has reserved channel 1-1 and 1-2 for extra inputs. Faced with the prospect of missing my chance at watching the Super Bowl in HD, I tried to figure out a solution, and viola – an idea so crazy it actually worked.

First a few disclaimers: I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone, but we’re talking about the Super Bowl. You may need to follow this process many times (it took me about 20). You’ll lose the feed if you change channels, so once you have it you’ll need to keep tuned to channel 1.

Here’s the steps I took:

1) Go to Local Stations on the setup menu
2) Select add DTV channel
3) Type in the digital channel number that the station is broadcasting on (for Milwaukee it’s 46)
4) Keep your eye trained on the strength meter. As soon as it turns green, hit the enter or select button. If the 811 already shows channel 1 at the bottom of the window, you’re too slow – try again. Eventually you should be able to catch it under the actual digital channel number.
5) Assign a name and save the channel
6) Save your changes
7) Exit

There you have it. If you did everything correctly, you should find it under it’s digital channel number. Once it’s been programmed in it should stay put until you change channels. It will probably take you many tries, but we’re talking about the Super Bowl here!

I sure hope that Dish has a fix for this with the next software upgrade, but at least there’s a temporary work around.

The proper fix would be the broadcasters not "squatting" on channel 1. It is against the PSIP guidelines to utilize CH 1.
gpflepsen said:
The proper fix would be the broadcasters not "squatting" on channel 1. It is against the PSIP guidelines to utilize CH 1.

Agreed. But, considering that this has been going on for over a year, and nothing is being done about it, I'm hoping that Dish can allow an option that will still let viewers see these "rouge" stations.

My local PBS station puts their HD feed on 1.1. Scott, I tried your fix and it did save it under the UHF channel, not the remapped 1.1. However, when I tuned that channel in, all I got was a still frame and no sound. I hit the info button and it said I was on 1.1, I hit cancel and it brought me back to the rear input feed. It might be that the station is off air right now (just broadcasting static), so I'll try it again tomorrow. Hell of an idea though! CBS does a really good job with NFL in HD, you'll be blown away. Too bad their announcers are terrible.
Thanks Scott for the info. I live in the Milwaukee area too. I tried your fix --but I pushed the save key right after I keyed in 46 and got 46-01 46-02 46-03. 46-02 is the correct ch for regular CBS programming. I am able to keep the channel even when I change channels.

Thanks again for the info.

question about fix for 811 channel 1 issue

SRW1000 wrote "...You’ll lose the feed if you change channels, so once you have it you’ll need to keep tuned to channel 1."

SRW1000, so once I set this up successfully and turn to channel 1 I can't switch channels or else I'll lose the signal? Is my understanding correct? So everytime I want to watch CBS, I have to play fast finger with the ADD DTV Channel menu screen? :rolleyes:

I think this is a YMMV situation. Milwaukee's CBS station is only broadcasting in low power, so I was having some problems getting the station to stay put - as soon as it would lose the signal for more that a second or two, the 811 would switch back to channel 1.

Tonight it's stayed at chanel 46 for over an hour, but I don't know how long it will last.

That's why I've labeled it as a temporary fix. We'll have to wait for Dish or our local squatters for the permanent solution.

I've been in communication with some of the folks @ Weigel Broadcasting. They told me to be on the lookout for changes with the remap to ch 1. Hopefully they will get this changed soon. Weigel also remaps WCIU ch 26 in Chicago to ch1. They also told be that discussions with DISH are going on about getting both ch 58 in Milwaukee & ch 26 in Chicago to DISH. I have a feeling Weigel is pushing for their low power stations, ch 23 in Chicago & ch 41 & 63 in Milwaukee & we all know DISH will never add the low power stations.
might have to get another OTA HD receiver

Frustrated as hell about this stupid channel 1 issue. Stupid local CBS needs to change that broadcast channel and Dish needs to have a fix for the 811 owners who want to disable those 2 useless inputs in the back of the 811 receiver. I might just be forced to purchase another OTA HD receiver for the Super Bowl. The reason I recently suscribed to Dish was the FREE 811 offer. I thought the 811 would give me all my OTA and sat HD signals. Apparently not. :mad:
AndyMon said:
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A brand new punching bag... :)

It has that, um... Je ne sais pas... un-namable quality which makes it a neo contemporary classic.
Dish could also just change the channel number of the AV ports in the back to 0. It seems to be a common practice that channel 0 is the AV input, a lot of TVs and VCRs work that way. This way you would not have to worry about chanel 1 sneaking up on you.

I hope the station gets enough complaints to the FCC that they will change to the real station number.
gpflepsen said:
The proper fix would be the broadcasters not "squatting" on channel 1. It is against the PSIP guidelines to utilize CH 1.

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I tried over an hour last night and still couldn't get locked on channel 46. This really sucks. I was hoping to experience my first HD Super Bowl on my new Hitachi 50v500.
Who at Dish can we send complaints to about this matter? Does anyone have an email address? Talking with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level tech support at Dish is like talking to a brick wall! I don't see why Dish can't send a fix down from the satelite to remap the video inputs to a channel 0.

Try turning off your receiver or doing a reset on it, and then try my fix again. I had a problem getting it to tune in yesterday, but after turning off, I got it right away. I checked tonight, and it's still set to channel 46 instead of channel 1. You have to be really quick, though. Hit enter as soon as the bar turns green or try anticipating it.


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