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May 23, 2013
Meadow Vista, Northern California
Just want to share this story with everyone who has ever been frustrated while working on your satellite system.

Before shipping an ASC1, the unit is placed on the bench for 24 hours minimum and all functions tested. The unit is connected to a working dish, 22KHz/DiSEqC pass-through / return signal levels and also load and count tested with an actuator and 200lb dead lift.

Friday, I performed the initial testing on a new ASC1 and left operating over the weekend to retest and pack on Monday. Yesterday (Monday), I got to the actuator load segment of testing and the positioner displayed a count error. I checked the terminal connections and was able to step move the actuator without count number changes. I assumed the worst and swapped out the main PCB. Still no counts!

Tested for sensor voltage at the terminals and it was fine, but no counts!

Disconnected the sensor S1/S2 wires and tested continuity. Closed loop. Stepped the motor and the continuity remained closed and did not cycle open/closed.

Reconnected the sensor wires to the ASC1 terminals and hooked up the scope. No switch cycles displayed!

How many times have you started trouble shooting with the worst case scenario in mind and assumed the problem to be the big ticket items? Then you start testing from there because the ultra-reliable .85 cent part almost never fails....

Yep, the actuator reed switch had failed and was fused in the closed position. Tapped it a few times and tried a larger magnet on multiple sides to no avail. Soldered in a new reed switch to the actuator board and was back in business.

You are not alone in your installation or repair frustrations. Yesterday, I was schooled by a .85 cent part that almost never fails! :)
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Magic Static

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Oct 12, 2010
I had the intermittent reed sensor. When the barometer dropped so did the reed switch. Enough to make you give up drinking ;)
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Dec 19, 2008
Yep.. it's the simplest thing that is often the problem. Thank you for sharing that with us Brian!
This made me check and I still have two spare reed sensors for just such an occasion. :)
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