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Sep 7, 2003
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Scott..before leaving the "other site" you mentioned that you had big news to announce. I noticed in a different thread that this announcement is available to supporters. I then see this morning that you had a "major" announcement at noon est. I then see the "major" announcement being the opening of the online store. I've been curious for several weeks, and don't see any more mention of it. Was it the HD package? Your trip to see and post images of the new EQ? The new store? Or do I just "stay tuned"?
Surprise 1 was going last week to Baltimore to meet Charlie and Jim.

Surprise two was that after I met them I was given open access to play with all the new equipment coming out in the next year and I was able to review them all for you.

Surprise the was the opening of the store, giving you quality products at Discount prices. :)

I am told that at 105 there will be additional HD available when , and that the $9.99 HD Pack price was future proof. Again Charlie slipped when he announced Starz HD was part of the existing package.

I can see why the programming guys hate you for hounding them for HDTV, didnt you just get 3 new channels. :)

Trust me they want to sell SuperDishes there will be additional HD channels from 105 soon. :)

BTW Stay Tuned. :D
Scott - why no directv stuff for sale? Is it because Claude is Dish exclusively?
Will someone have to sign a contract to keep programming for a certain period of time with the Dish/Direct receiver purchases?

Also will there be standalone Tivo's and other similar DVR's available for purchase in the future?
For the $39.99 deals (Get a 510 and 301 for $39.99 and get a $49.99 credit from Dish on your first bill and 3 - 301's for for $39.99 and get a $49.99 credit from Dish on your first bill) do require a commitment from Dish.

The DirecTV our lawyers are working on all of that and we should have some good answers in a week or so. :)

I do plan on offering additional items in the future from the store which will come from me. We have a lot of plans for the store. :)
Can a link be added on the store that takes you back to the forum? It would be good advertising as well as handy for those of us that want to go back and forth. Thank you!
I was thinking about selling some supplies on here (in the Classified Forum) for a good price such as wire and wire ends and so forth donating a portion of the money to the site.
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