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Sep 6, 2003
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STUDENT is so hard up she has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice ...she is selling her virginity to the highest bidder on the internet. And Rosie is even willing to sleep with a man despite it being abhorrent to her—she is a LESBIAN.

But she would rather prostitute herself than see her studies suffer.

She is currently forced to work long hours in poorly paid part-time jobs to pay her tuition fees.

Rosie said: "The way things are going, I'll leave university £15,000 in debt. That's why I'm taking drastic action."

She started her Bachelor of Science degree in social policy at the University of Bristol three months ago and is already £3,000 in debt.

What a quaint sense of entitlement these people have. 15,000 whole pounds of debt, and she has to work a part time job while she attends school? If that justifies prostitution then I guess three fourths of all North American coeds should hit the streets now.

So... how much do you bid? :D
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