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I recently upgraded from a broken 722k to the HWS and Joey then had the Hopper go bad. Dish sent me a new one and have had no problems since. In looking through these forums I have found retailers that sell new equipment, and have a couple of questions.
I have a new 2yr commitment, but if I were to purchase a new HWS and Joey would Dish let me return their equipment and cancel the contract? If so, if I had a problem with the equipment would Dish send a replacement or would it be on the retailer to do so? Think I know the answer to the last one, but thought I would throw it out.
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Your commitment will be with you until you cancel altogether or the commitment expires.

If you had a problem with owned equipment, it would be between you and the seller unless you subscribe to the Protection Plan.


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You already have a contract so you would be required to pay the cancellation fee. If you at some point do purchase equipment you can avoid renewing a contract with Dish but there are very few benefits.


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As posted, you can't simply end the contract with no consequence. There would be an early termination fee similar to a Cell carrier contract.

There is no reduction or elimination of fees if you own the equipment, since DISH does not charge a lease fee. So it is little benefit to owning equipment in your situation in fact it would cost you money. Some people just don't want a contract, or want to own a receiver because they don't want it activated all the time and those would be reasons to own.

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