The Equalizer 3

I hope this really is the final chapter. Denzel's 68 years old and is going to look silly playing a geriatric bad ass if they decide to make another after this one.
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Hey guys, All you Streamers ...

I want to watch the first 2 Equalizer Movies again before the 3rd comes out.
Can't find it on any of my Streaming Apps (free, the apps that I pay for)

Netflix looks like it will have #3, but doesn't have #1 or #2.
Prime Video says I can Rent it ... which means PV Doesn't have it. It did mention Hulu.
It says that its on You tube Movies ... didn't know there was a YT Movies, I'm Sure that that is Not where I watched the first one originally.

Anyways ...
I have Netflix, Prime, Paramount Plus, Hulu, Peacock

Anyone able to find it ?
I'm looking for #1 and #2

Looks like #2 I can watch on Hulu, but they don't have the Original from 2014

Looks like Starz has the rights currently, and is available on DirecTV streaming but looks like that's in Spanish.

As you said, on Hulu, also on Fubu for subscribers and via FX on DirecTV (I can access it w/ mom's account, so not DirecTV Stream)

Just available for rent currently. On Netflix soon as you said 'The Equalizer 3' Sets January 2024 Netflix US Release Date

I've come close to buying the bundle, after seeing a clip or two here and there over the years. Look like entertaining movies have just never gotten around to watching them. Usually when I want to watch a franchise (did this w/ John Wick actually) I go to Vudu, after confirming they're Movies Anywhere-supported (by just searching for them at that site first). Then I know I can buy the bundle at a site like Vudu and watch it on whatever service I want.

Movies/franchises that aren't on Movies Anywhere I'm much less likely to ever be willing to spend any money on and will wait until they hit a sub service.
I have 1 and 2 4K UHD discs, (saw at theater) will buy 3rd... (Hey its John Wick, they killed his dog)
I've seen a Few John Wick ones, but lost track of how many there are now.

I have always like Denzel Washington !

Wish I could remember where I originally saw the 1st Equalizer, it was at a friends in SC, but don't know what service it was on.
Only on Starz right now.

Netflix has rights to new Sony content, no idea about Library Content.
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The three movie bundle is out (at least from Apple) for $34.99, but next year it will probably drop.

Funny: they also have under $24.99 bundles, two- and three-movie bundles like LotR, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park (original), Black Panther, etc. and then they have ten-movie Hallmark Christmas Movie bundles for $19.99. Market pricing, indeed…

What's your preference? Physical media or digital media?

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