The Fugitive

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  1. I see MeTv dropped The Fugitive I used to record every Sunday eve. 12 am. Has anyone seen this show somewhere else?
  3. No I have seen it on metv only.
  4. Checked RTV and COZI TV websites, not listed there.
  5. Ya, that stinks. Really liked that show.

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  6. Check on the new channel that pop up H/I on 101w c band.
  7. Great show one of my all time favorites, but they were on something like the fourth round of re-showing the episodes. They may still own the rights and could bring it back after a while.
    (Side note - thought the movie would be terrible compared to the TV version, but it was a great movie.)
  8. What channel is that?
  9. I having not seen this series before had just gotten on board with it. All new for me.
  10. Check out the WUT? threads for details:)
  11. Ok thanks, I found it.
  12. why the secrecy? its a Weigel channel just like metv which is in "The List"
    anyway, unfortunately i've not seen the fugitive on it though :(
  14. Titan has The Fugitive listed as showing at 1:30 am (presumably CST) on WCIU-DT4. They list the network as "METOO". Would that be the same as MEtv2 that is on the Weigel mux?
  15. NO, it is not the same channel. The Me2 you see is a feed channel. It only shows alternate tv shows at random, and only once in a while.

    That's for markets that might already have the rights to broadcast whatever tv show is being aired on the primary MeTv channel at that time. There MAY be episodes of the Fugitive showing on that feed channel from time to time, but you'll have to watch and see if you can catch as catch can for that scenario.

    You are kind of late to the game for The Fugitive, as it's been showing regular for a year or so, and was just taken off the regular schedule.
  16. Well they had it buried at midnight Sundays only. I do wonder why I never saw the show in it's original run (probably on too late for kids) or some re-run over the years.
  17. how strange, me too seems to be a Weigel station as well, but its not in the 101w mux with their other feeds.
  18. I believe it's been mentioned here that MeToo is a Chicago only channel.
  19. I'd buy it if I was really that into it, I liked it as a kid, and hated that Lt Gerard. It's available on dvd, but with 4 seasons of it, about 25bucks a season, could get expensive! The first season was black and white, and good ol "Cannon" did the narration.
  20. It's been a few years but it's finally back from "vacation". The pilot airs again late on Sunday / Monday morning at 2a on September 11 on MeTV.
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