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Jan 22, 2009
Beginning on Thursday, HBO will debut its HBO Go online service on the Verizon FIOS infrastructure, so that customers will be able to watch it via the Internet.

Earlier this month, Comcast began rolling out its "Xfinity" service to 11 markets, and Comcast users can also log on to and watch recorded video and movies.

I would expect Charter will soon follow, the industry model is going to change. The public has wanted true ala cart and for years and the delivery companies refused to provide it, and now the content providers are waking up to IPTV.

Maybe once they figure it out some of those nice Powervu uplinks will be sold (to make extra revenue) to the public.


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Nov 28, 2009
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Don't count on any existing encrypted C-band feeds being sold to the public at this stage, apart from those in already in 4DTV format. There is simply no chance of ROI on developing new receivers and an authorization system. Motorola is even considering getting rid of the one they have.

If PowerVu users wanted home subscribers all along, they would have seen to an auothorization system and consuimer receivers in place, or used DCII.
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