The Hits And Flops of the 2003 Summer Movie Season

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Sep 6, 2003
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The Hits:

1. Finding Nemo - those Disney animated movies are really hard to top, attracting kids and adults

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean - a bit of a surprise mega hit, to be honest, Johnny Depp hasnt been exactly noted for blockbuster movies lately

3. The Matrix: Reloaded - a blockbuster as you may expect from a sequel to such a huge hit

4. Bruce Almighty - another big hit for Jim Carey who may just be the most box office reliable "funny guy" right now

5. X2 - X-Men United - a "franchise" sequel so no real surprise there

6. Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines - doing maybe not as well as you may expect from a high-profile and long-awaited sequel but still good enough to make some money, I guess today's movie-going teenieboppers may not have that much of a connection to the character

The Flops:

1. Gigli - one of the biggest flops ever, withdrawn after 2 weeks, made a total of 5.66 million dollars at the box office

2. Sinbad - extremely misguided to send this one out against a movie like Finding Nemo, actually they should have released this one about 7 years ago

3. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life - well who knows why they made this movie

4. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - hyped but failed

5. Johnny English - did well in Britain but flopped in the US

6. Wrong Turn - this movie took quite a wrong turn as well

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Sep 8, 2003
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this is a nice summer recap. I do not usually go out to the movies. I just wait until the DVD comes out and will rent or buy.

One movie that I went to see, with my kids of course, was spy kids 3D. The kids loved it but it was a complete disaster for me. Aside, from the 3D effect, there was nothing good about the movie (don't let my kids know). I will keep your list of good recommendations when the DVDs are out.



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Sep 8, 2003
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Some that you listed aren't summer movies.

Hit Summer movies:

1. Finding Nemo- Good movie for both the kiddos and the adults. Much like Shrek this keeps you wanting more.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean- Johnny Depp's best film. Now if he'd just keep his mouth shut and not make himself look like a moron.

3. T3- Is going on $450 million dollars world wide. T4 is being wrote, Arnold or no Arnold.

4. Freddy vs Jason- Was supposed to be the flop of the summer, but still is going strong.

5. The Italian Job- Awesome story, and has far surpassed it's expected earnings.

Summer Bombs:

1. Gigli- J. Lo proves she is yesterdays news. No one cares anymore.

2. Marci X- 30 million dollar budget and its barely made a million dollars.

3. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle- One of the dumbest movies of the summer.

4. The Hulk- Yes the Hulk. It was supposed to be the hit of the summer and it turned out to be a lovefest/snoozefest! People want to see The Hulk smashing things up not in a love story!

5. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen- The X-Men on Social Security.
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