The Lord of the Rings I & II


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Nov 29, 2003
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The Fellowship of the Ring & The Two Towers are playing back to back tomorrow. Who's going to watch over 6 1/2 hours of The Lord of the Rings tomorrow?
It is not HD. It's an upconvert. If you look at the guide the little "hd" logo is not there. I think this is the way Starz-HD meant it to be in their programming which does not make sense.
No, it won't be since tomorrow it has the HD logo in the PG. So expected it to be HD.:) Hard to watch anything that is not HD these days, ah?
You know what's crazy...The HD version will be shown at 1am eastern time according to the PG. What a crazy scheduling Starz-HD has. Why not show it HD all the time?
Well, I think this is an issue where sometimes, unfortunately, you get what you asked for to pevert the old adage (and speaking of no one in particular).

It is in OAR, obviously an upconvert, and it is OAR with a 4:3 aspect so there are black bars all around, aka windowboxing.

It does show how important the "whole" picture is, but even if an upconvert it should be blown up/stretch to a 16:9 format.

You know what's even crazier (but good!) it is HD in OAR. So Starz-HD has four versions of it - HD OAR, HD cropped, Upconvert letterbox, SD 4x3.
So the HD version this am kept the OAR. I hope the same happens with the "Two Towers". It was stunning and sound was excellent. I have seen this movie about 4 times already. I need to watch one more time tonight!
It appears there is a correlation with the Extended and Non-extended additions. OAR HD on non-extended. Cropped HD on EE.
It looks (from the PG) like the 5:30pm showing of the fellowship of the ring will not be shown in HD. The two towers is going to be shown in HD. As to whether it will be showing in its OAR is not known. Let's wait and see. This is pure non-sense on Starz-HD. They advertize the great LOTR weekend and one of them is not HD on primetime. C'ommon you have to do better than that. Why having upconverts letterbox of the FOTR if it's already available in HD (again another stupidity in their part).
Sean Mota said:
You know what's even crazier (but good!) it is HD in OAR. So Starz-HD has four versions of it - HD OAR, HD cropped, Upconvert letterbox, SD 4x3.
Why did it show four black strips on my screen last night? I thought OAR should give two-- top and bottom, and I could not get rid of the side bars.
I think it was more a Starz-HD thing than anything else. But did you go to the picture format menu under settings and try to stretch the picture. I did not want it to watch it this way so I waited for the 1am and saw it again this morning HD OAR.
I agree PQ is good (particularly in brightly lit scenes), again comprabvle to Dish PPV, but I would bet a non-blown up version would be even better. Given druther (and having this version on DVHS), the TT EE DVD in native res scaling, beats it for getting the whole picture.


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