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Sep 6, 2003
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Vecsey was on NBATV last tonight, stating how he is almost certain that Kobe is leaving. He thinks his decision will have nothing to do with Shaquille or his wife wanting to remain in California. Vecsey seems to think he will leave, cause he simply wants his own team built around him and that Buss will see how serious Kobe is at the end of the season. Thus, agreeing to a sign-and-trade.

New York. Sending Bryant to the Knicks not only would give him a team that’s built around him, it would give him the world’s biggest stage. The Knicks would be a playoff lock in the East with Bryant in blue and orange. A deal for Kurt Thomas and Allan Houston (with the Lakers throwing in Kareem Rush and Devean George) would give the Lakers exactly what they would need: a long-range scorer and a hard-nosed backup big man.
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