The name "20th Century Fox Television" is no more


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Jan 4, 2007
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Disney (DIS) announced on Monday it would be rebranding one of its TV studios, 20th Century Fox Television, as 20th Television. Why why why?
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Maybe someone at Disney was a fan of the Gerry Anderson show produced by Century 21 Pictures and didn’t want the chance that “21st Television” might be too close for the lawyers? ;)
Branding. A split trademark is no trademark. Remember all the butthurt conspiracy theorists who were all upset about the ATT-TW merger, not understanding that Time Warner Cable was a totally different company unrelated.

I am surprised that Sinclair is still using the Fox Sports - geography brand name.
What's crazy is that the majority of the 210+ markets with FOX network affiliates still use the searchlights in their logos, while the entertainment assets Disney acquired also use searchlights in their logo...


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