The OTA bug shows its ugly head once again on my 722 (1 Viewer)

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Jun 8, 2005
Last night I get home to watch my couple of shows that recorded but instead I find several recordings that are 5-20 minutes each of 2-3 programs. I then scroll down and find about 20 one minute recordings of the 6pm news. I dig around and dig but can't find any signal issues with the satellite signal or OTA signal. I was watching the channel that the news recorded live at the time and I saw it drop out for a split second with the no signal message. This channel was at 100% (30kw RF13...about 15 miles from me), never have an issue with this one.

I then start looking at the recordings and see what happened. At 6pm, an OTA timer fired to record the news but apparently they were having issues. 6:30pm the timer stopped, but the OTA tuner stays tuned to the "bad" channel. 7pm, two satellite timers fire, and these recordings were all messed up. At 8pm another OTA timer fires(different OTA channel this time), and all is fixed and everything records fine.

You'd think they would fix this dumb issue in the firmware. If I hadn't read about this before I would have thought something was wrong with my equipment.
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Dec 23, 2009
Rhode Island
I hate how this bug even effects you when watching recorded programs, happens on the 612 as well as the 722k. The recording is fine but if it loses ota signal on the last channel you were on it goes to acquiring signal and you have to restart the program. Have not had the issue with the multiple recordings, what i have done is set up a manual timer after any recording is set to a channel on ota which i know can have problems. For instance i record a show everyday on a Boston station which we get ok signal on but if there is any bad weather it cuts in and out, so i set up timers right after it on the CW and NBC channel which is where we get the best signal so the tuner will not stay on that Boston channel. So the first timer is from 7:30-7:59, and then the two other timers are at 7:59-8pm so it doesn't conflict if there is anything at 8pm recording, with 1 recording max for the 1 min timers. Tried it with auto tune but that only changes one of the tuners on the k version, so use the dvr timer.

Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
Why didn't someone ask them them at Team Summit or CES about this abomination? There's simply no reason it should exist.

old corps

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Jan 13, 2005
I had this happen while trying to watch a recording on my 622 as well. If it wasn't for this forum I never would've known what the problem was.

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