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Oct 17, 2019
Hadley, pa.
I have a dual and a quad drive. They both work equally well. Main difference is you can put the drive inside the quad or outside drive if you want. and record 4 stations. The quad has to have am exterior drive.and only records 2 stations.


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Nov 29, 2003
Just hooked the Tablo up in the new house.

The good part, all the Orlando channels are at full strength, so should not have to worry about digital errors (low signal) in any of my recordings.

Also, all of my recordings I did at my old house ( Detroit area) are still there and watchable and any new recordings set are still there and moved to the new channels, for example, The Simpsons was set to record on Fox 2 Detroit, as soon as I did my channel scan, it moved to the Orlando channel.

Now the bad, there is just nothing on, it is September and no new Fall TV season, so glad I have the Streaming choices just so I have something new to watch.
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