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Okay, if you're anything like me and grew-up watching The Three Stooges during your formative years, this movie should interest you for a variety of reasons. Regardless, it's hard to image any Three Schmoes coming anywhere close to the zany slapstick and hijinks of Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp)...but I cannot help from being drawn into seeing this one - even if it does suck. Anyway, perhaps I'll get a few laughs out of this one. We shall see.

Who else plans to see this one? The trailers are popping-up everywhere. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!


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I can't wait! The guy playing Moe looks scary like him!

He did pretty good playing Robin Williams in a Mork & Mindy movie (TV) a few years ago. You know, I have to admit there was some effort put forth in the production of this movie. Just as long as Stooges fans go into the theater thinking this film is a "tribute" to the genius of the Stooges then all should be fine.
It depends what they do in the movie. I haven't followed what the movie is about . I liked what they did the The Brady Bunch Movie when then had them stay the same even when the world around them changed. Here is an photo you might like . Can't remember where I got it. 012604.jpg
Really hoping they do the original stooges justice,although that will be very hard to do.Plan to see it at any rate.

Moe and Larry in the pic who is the kid?
Official rating: Meh

It has some very funny moments, but I swear that music during the antics was so distracting that I really didn't like it.

Thanks for the review.I was very skeptical about it.As a hardcore 3 stooges fan it will be very hard to impress me.
In the past I have written lengthy movie reviews. In this case there is no need to do so since there are no earth-shattering moments, no deep meaning of life issues raised, and soytainly no epiphanies to be had on this afternoon. If you're expecting this whacky flick to be a real Three Stooges Movie then you're in for a major disappointment. After all, there were only one Moe, Larry and Curly trio...and they were the epitomy of comic genius. However, if you're expecting to be entertained with idiotic slapstick humor in, perhaps, a stooge-like way...well, then you'll enjoy a couple dozen laughs and find it worth your time and money. To be honest, the following review in the Boston Globe pretty much sums up my reaction to this movie: The Three Stooges movie review -- The Three Stooges showtimes - The Boston Globe

Okay, the movie was broken-up into three short segments, which I found extremely odd because it was, in fact, one continuous movie and not three separate shorts. The first short was largely acted by three "youthful" kids playing the roles of our zany misfits. Unfortunately, I didn't find much of it funny until the adult versions of Moe, Larry and Curly stepped onto the scene that was moved forward 25-years. Of course, I found the old classic, "No, but that face sure rings a bell" bit to be funny as ever. :)

The second short was somewhat better as the three characters set out into the real world to earn enough dough to save the orphanage. Eh, there were some decent laughs to be had, but the short really didn't hit it's mark until late into the segment when the three morons got into a major argument (lots of side-splitting slaps, boinks, klunks and woob-woob-woos) and parted company with Moe left to fend for himself. It was actually a somewhat heartfelt and touching moment too. Still, my overall impresssion was that I had not received my $8 worth of entertainment at this point.

Well, the final segment was my favorite and I enjoyed some pretty good laughs. Sure, some will disagree, but I laughed like crazy watching Moe beat the crap out of the Jersey Shore cast. I though it was great! And I also liked the happy ending, but you'll have to see the movies and judge it for yourselves. Moreover, I really loved some of the knuckleheaded names on background signs like the law firm of Kickem, Harder & Innagroyne. Priceless! Surprisingly, the one problem I really had with the movie is that not one of the nuns aged a day in the 35+ years the boys lived at the orphanage; not one day. Talk about a glaringly obvious continuity error! In the final analysis, I give this movie two fingers to the eyes, and one-half woob-woob-woob/nuyk-nyuk-nyuk. I saw this movie on a smaller screen, but on my way out I noticed that it had just started playing in theater 12 with the really big screen so I stayed and watched it a second time. After all, I purchased a medium beverage which meant that I still had half a gallon of soda left. Yikes! And people wonder why we're fat! Anyway, that's my swype for the day.

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