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Sep 7, 2003
In the tech forum, they mentioned that there will be two flavors of the SuperDish. One for HD and the other for international programming. What will happen if I need both?
They will probably have the same size dish for those that want to use the SuperDish for 105/110/119 or for 110/119/121 but the lower power lnbf will be on the opposite side for 121 than it will be for 105.

I also think it will have a different adapter seeing that there is a difference in space between the lnbf's for the SuperDish to be used for 105 than 121 (105->110 is 5 orbital degrees of difference and 119->121 is 2 orbital degrees of difference).

This has not been clarified but this is how I would think they would go about this.
On very good authority you will have to have two superdishes for locals, HD and internationals combined.

In the worst case with sky angel. internationals, high def, and core you will need 2 superdishes plus 61.5, 148 is uncertain at this time.

Thats another reason I think 61.5 will get sold or leased, how many want a dish farm uplink look on their home?
It is just plain ridiculous to need two SuperDishes (6 LNBs worth) to cover 4 satellites. One SuperDish and a smaller auxilary dish for the 4th satellite is all that is required.
I agree with fv3. There should be a one dish solution for the additional 121 slot seeing that it is only an extra 2 degrees from 119 in which would result in a larger dish and a different adapter on the end of the dish arm that the lnbf's fit on.
I was told that with the lower power sat, a single pan cant be used. Thus for international subs only 2 superdishes will be necessary.

International subs since they have no alternative will likely go along with this.
I've read somewhere that one style of super dish will have all 4 orbital slots. Of course this is rumor! Most info I have been reading on the super dish is based on rumor so I wouldn't get to upset until I heard all the facts.

Bob Haller said:
I was told that with the lower power sat, a single pan cant be used....

What does the person that told you this mean with the phrase "single pan"?

If they meant "it is not possible to receive signals from E*9 with a small single LNB antenna", that is absurb. Making the same claim about AMC-2 is just as absurb.

Perhaps what is really meant is "We, Dish Network, are not going to offer a small auxilary dish solution for those needing all 4 core satellites, so they will just have to install two SuperDishes....."
I dont see why Dish would do all that they have done so far with the Dish 500 and now the SuperDish just to tell you that they will not offer a little larger dish for 121. A lot of consumers are not going to go for two SuperDishes let alone one as big as it is. Dish figures that most will not need the 121 and 105 slot at the same time. I know that 121 was going to be used for international channels and thought it was going to be used for high speed internet as well.

I have heard that it may be used to put locals there in which may be done if they run out of room at 105. If they do that then they would definitely need a 105/110/119/121 dish solution because some will want the locals and HD as well. Many will want international channels and locals and HD so this solution is needed anyways.
If there is a dish to support 121 and 105, don't expect to see it until next spring / summer when the DP Plus 44 switch is available.
Stargazer said:
Dish will probably not have a 121 solution for consumers until they have 121 ready either.

That is not so far away as some might suppose.

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