Thinking about 921 questions


Sep 21, 2004
I currently have both a 811 and 522 and I want the convenance of the 921. However this forum can really make you rethink this decision. Here are a few questions on my mind.

1. Will I need to recable or can I just take the inputs out of the 522 and put them into the 921?

2. Is the 921 really this buggy. I know in a forum such as this you hear only the problems, but man, there is a lot of complaining going on in this forum about the 921. Add to this that Dish, and the retailers around my area don't seem to be that committed to this box. Dish dosen't carry it and neither do the retailers (in my area).

3. I guess this leads to my next question, is Dish dedictated to getting some of the big issues with this box fixed, namely OTA channel recording. Seems like a big oversight, one that to the untrained eye could easily be fixed. Everyone else is able to.

3. should I wait for the new box (942, I think or something like that)?

I see they are finally somewhat available and I would be buying it from dishstore, but just need to know if I am makeing the right decisions. Thanks for any help on this difficult $1000.00 decision.


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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO
First, Welcome aboard! Second, thank you for listing and numbering your questions!

A1: No new cables - straight plug-in.
A2: If you're not going to use OTA, you'll be OK - you've survived the 522.
A3: OTA is pretty much all they're working on rght now, and it's getting better overall. But, it's a tossup - depends on the local stations.
A4: Given E*'s history, what do YOU think the 942 will run like at first? ;)

I bitch a lot about the STUPID software design decisions they made, but the box runs for me.


Sep 21, 2004
Even though I don't seem to be able to count to 4. :)

I do watch alot of OTA, I seem ot get most locals in digital. Although I do have the advantage of being in LA so at least my stations are not obscure and as they add local stations to HD I will not need waivers.


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Apr 24, 2004
N. California
The software issues are getting resolved. Timers are working pretty darn good now. There are still OTA issues. Soon a software revision is supposed to fix some OTA issues. Up until about two weeks ago, I was very unhappy with the 921. I really like it now, but I will like it better once the OTA stuff works properly.