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Jun 4, 2005
I'm getting a Sony 46XBR4 today and was thinking of getting Dish HD.

I currently have a standard Dish setup with one 500 dish and 4 receivers; two receivers in two rooms. I rent an apartment in Buffalo, NY and was wondering if I could get away with one dish and get HD? Adding another dish might not be an option I can have. I only want one HD reciever in one room and keep 2 SD recievers in the other.

One of the SD receivers is one I carry around; I take it to a little garage I rent and have it on when I remodel a car, I take it to a cabin I have and watch TV with a generator at night and also take it down to Key West when I go on vacation at a house thats shared among the family. I have a Dish 500 installed at all three locations. If getting Dish HD would mean loosing taking the SD receiver to these places then Dish HD won't be an option for me. Was wondering if getting HD would limit me doing this in any way.

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May 8, 2007
Sanborn, NY
Buffalo, NY HD is using 1 dish for 110/119 and another for 61.5 so you really need 2 dishes as one points (more or less) southwest and the other points like... southeast. You can't do it with just one.

I still have an SD receiver and it's not affected adversely in any way by my upgrade to HD service.


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Aug 24, 2007
I've seen one or two people in the area use a 1000.2 to hit 110/119/129, but you'll need really good LOS as 129 is extremely low on the horizon.

And don't expect great signal strength for 129 with it being that low.

Upgrading to HD wouldn't stop you from using the SD receivers. They only use 110/119.

You'll probably end up needing a second dish for 61.5. You could try calling Intertech and trying to get to an advanced or senior tech of some sort. They may be able to help. But it's not likely you could do it without a second dish.

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