Thinking of switching from Adelphia, but have a few questions...


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Aug 18, 2005
Hello everyone,

A dish network sales rep visited our house yesterday, and now we are looking into going dish. However, I have a few quick questions that I hope you all can answer for me (my sales rep is off today).

According to my own calculations (need to double check with our dish guy), we can get the top 120 plan on 4 TV's, each with independent channel capability, w/ one DVR (recording device) for $47.97 a month. For us, this is the same price as cable right now, but we would get added channels and DVR. Sounds to me like the better choice. But I do have a few questions.

1. Are there any hidden monthly fees? e.g. an extra receiver fee for a 4 TV setup?

2. Is there a fee to change programming levels? (thinking of only ordering the local channels during hockey season and then dropping them or lowering my package to "top 60")

3. What exactly is this $5 charge to not use our phone line thing? We do have a phone jack next to our main TV and another in the other room. If Dish plugs into one of our 2 phone jacks, we should still be able to get our telephone calls, right? How does that work? Is it a monthly charge?

4. How often does Dish Network raise their prices? Are they going to raise the price during the first year, when I'm contractually obligated to pay?

5. Do you get to pick your equipment when signing up for free installation deals? If so, what equipment do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for helping this newbe out!


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May 30, 2005
I'll start out with #5. Yes, you can pick your own equipment. If you want 4 TVs and at least one with DVR, I would recommend getting a 625 and a 322. That way, you can independently control four TVs and two of them would have DVR capability. I think the 625 has a $20 one-time fee. The AT120 package with locals costs $42.99 per month. You would have a $4.98 DVR fee per month for the 625 and a $5 additional receiver fee for the 322. Price per month: $52.97. However, that requires that a phone line be connected to both receivers. If a phone line is not connected, there is a $5 per month fee for each receiver not connected. You can of course still keep whatever phones you have now.

2. You can always add programming anytime, and I think the rates are prorated, in case you add or upgrade in the middle of a billing cycle. If you want to downgrade, there is a $5 one-time fee.

I think an 18-month commitment will save you $50 for installation, which does not include the $20 for the 625.


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Dec 13, 2004
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1. each additional receiver beyond the first one is $5/ month, the only exception to this is if you get a dual tuiner receiver, then the 2nd tuner in that box is free IF you have it plugged into a phone line.

2. you will need to keep the local channels as part of the "minimum programming", so the lowest cost package would be Americas Top 60 for 31.99+receiver/DVR fees

3. the $5 fee for a dual tuner is only if you do not have it plugged in. It will not take over your phone line, it only dials out at a random time about once a month via a 800 number. The receiver fee is a monthly charge for each month they are not able to verify the receiver is connected to a phone line. your installed should be able to provide wireless phone jacks if necessary, for an additional charge (they plug into an available phone jack and send the phone line over your house wiring to the otehr unit where your dual tuner receiver is )

4. there was a price increase this year of $2-3 per package. They usually add cahnnels when they increase prices, but not always. If there were to be another increase it would probably come sometime around april 2006


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Dec 18, 2004
Disneyland, Cali
Thank you for moving out from the horrors of Adelphia, which changes there prices and likes hidden fees.... Well, Dish rocks... my bill is consistant every month and have no problems.


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Sep 8, 2003
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LGK_Dude said:
4. How often does Dish Network raise their prices? Are they going to raise the price during the first year, when I'm contractually obligated to pay?
See for the history of rate increases. Unless something has changed if the rate increases it will take effect for you at the end of your commitment though that protection is not spelled out in the customer agreement which says rates can go up at any time. Those paying annually are also locked in and get a free month of the subscribed core package and any premiums.


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Aug 27, 2004
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I did the exact same thing last October. I switched from Adelphia to Dish and have the exact setup you are wanting. The only difference is that I have a 522 instead of a 625. So, I have two dual tuner receivers (522, 322) and DVR service (522), and my bill is 53.67 per month. I have been extremely happy with Dish so far except lately all of our afternoon storms are knocking my signal out for a while. The only "real" gripe I have with Dish as compared to Adelphia is that Adelphia has ESPNU and Dish does not. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with Dish.

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